San Francisco Schools

The San Francisco Schools have a choice system, which means any student can apply to any school within the District.  Many parents consider factors such as location, school hours, language pathways, transportation options, and test scores, but each family has different wants and needs. The San Francisco United School District is the 7th largest school district in California with over 57,000 students.  As of the 2015-2016 school year there are 64  elementary schools (K-5),  8 alternatively configured schools (K-8), 13 middle schools (6-8), and 19 high schools (9-12).  Many families prefer to put their kids in private schools closer to where they live.  In San Francisco there are 120 private schools educating almost 25,000 students each year.  For more in depth analysis on each school visit

Pacific Heights is the preferred neighborhood that affluent families in San Francisco choose to raise their family.  There are several private schools in the area to accommodate children of all ages.  The top private schools include Sacred Heart Schools, Waldorf School, Hamlin School, Town School for Boys, Sterne School, and Hillwood Academic Day School. The two college prep schools are San Francisco University High School and Drew School. I highly recommend using the website to further research san francisco schools.  It provides local reviews from parents to give more insight.  

For more information go to the San Francisco United School District website :